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   Cleveland, OH 44136
  Phone 1-216-373-7710 Cell  1-216-978-0382

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Material Handling & Storage Specialists

Let our experienced professionals show you the easiest, and most cost effective way to improve your workplace environment. Whether you need to:

  • Increase capacity to move or store materials
  • Increase vertical storage capabilities
  • Increase work space organization
  • Add modular offices, mezzanines, or lockers

 - We have the products and services for you!!  We specialize in new and used equipment to satisfy the individualistic needs of both large and small companies alike.

Personalized Service is our Guarantee

BKV Industrial is a privately owned and operated provider of quality material handling solutions to companies in Northern Ohio.

Our ability to understand, develop, and provide custom solutions sets us apart from the competition. Whether that need is due to cost, spatial, or time limitations, BKV will provide a unique solution, not readily found through passive internet or catalog shopping.

As one of the area's most experienced value added resellers, our goal is to offer solutions that meet each and every one of your expectations for value and service.

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....Sales & Service ....Installation & Training ....Forklift Operator Certification
As a licensed reseller and distributor of such names as Republic, LYON, Quantum, and Copperloy products, BKV Industrial can offer customized solutions utilizing name brand products and support services.

BKV also has an inventory of like-new and used equipment for those instances where price or compatability with a prior installation are imperative.

BKV Industrial's service professionals are fully trained in the installation, operation, and safety requirements of all products and equipment.

Our staff will be there to assure that your equipment is safely operational.

BKV Industrial provides OSHA certified forklift operation and safety training on all types of forklifts and aeriel lift equipment.

Personalized training is offered at your facility and can be done on an individual or group basis. Specialized training packages are available upon request.